build a website for free

People / institutions / tools. Everything that I consider especially helpful in this project.
There is no particular order and since I bought everything myself, nothing is sponsored.
Altough it could be :)

Iohan Gueorguiev


Should be on the first place as his way of life is an inspiration. What he does seems almost unreal. Also, he documents every bit of his journey and regularly publish "See the world" series on Youtube. Worth checking.


Website builder

This whole page was created and is being updated using this free, easy to learn program. Basically, creating my first simple website took me one hour. Many themes are somehow limited but at the cost of incredible responsiveness. You create one project and you can be sure it is displayed correctly on all devices like desktops, tablets, smartphones. If your fridge or vacuum cleaner have internet connection I'm sure they will display this website correctly.

DaVinci Resolve

Video and Audio editing

Free but powerfull porgram that can take years of dedicated work to master. Yet it is enough for creating even the top level productions.
Man, it is not easy, but comes with a ton of well writen guidebooks. I cannot overemphasize what Blackmagicdesign has made for personal video editing.

BCM Novatex

Sport clothing

Company located near Poznan, Poland. In my opinion top notch in this industry, yet prices still affordable. Most of all, people there are open minded and have big hearts. Custom sizes, custom graphics, custom materials, you are limited only by your imagination. Altough the best option is to visit them yourself, because website doesn't show their potential.

Openstreetmap and Umap

Open source online maps

Used for showing detailed route on this website. I haven't discovered even a small percentage of it's abilities but I'm already positively suprisied after trying other services of this type before.

Ecovias Portugal

Roadbook for cyclists

Completely different level of travelling. It is a shame that project so well developed exists only in one country.
And you know what? It is entirely made by one person.