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For all you number geeks and statistics onanists (I know you are out there). Below something especially for you.


364 nights so far

Tent wild 198
Tent invited  1
Tent paid  3
Roof wild  14
Roof invited  22
Roof paid  126


40.076 km covered

Riding days  321
Rest days  44
Average daily  110 km
Altitude  +386.3 km
Altitude  -386.4 km
<alt data to be verified>

Hall of fame

40.076 km covered

Shortest ride  25 km
Longest ride  227 km
Best week  1.209 km
Best month  4.284 km
No. of days > 200km:  10 days
Speed record  82,0 km/h


365 days so far

Countries  26
Seas  13
Oceans  1
Continents  3
Planets  1

And then there's these other files that are just, like, numbers. Arrayed. Numbers and dates and numbers and numbers and dates. And numbers and... I think that's the shit, man... The raw intelligence.    - Chad Feldheimer, "Burn After Reading", 2008