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Now I do have some more time. Let's do this right.


12.692 km ridden in Spain and Portugal again.
(36.171 km in total)



Catarina and Joao hosted me in their house in February 2020. Since then, they started a new project, far away from the city, which I call "the Ultimate Nature Hideout". It is just the beginning of their dream, but with infinite potential.

Below a little challenge. Yellow thick lines are the National Roadbook trails - - 2019 edition with some sections from 2020.

Having a little more time than expected, I'm on my way to max out Portugal by cycling the most sections possible.

Although I avoid going the same road twice, sometimes they are so close to each other, that only by zooming in you can find your way in this maze.

Almost one year ago, when cycling through the French Riviera, I spotted Google car with a camera on top. Every couple of weeks I checked for the update and 9 months later, THERE IT IS.

In case of unpredicted changes, below you can see the screenshot: