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What I'm trying to achieve and why?

    From strict "physical" point of view the plan is simple. Going from Poland to Portugal while taking quite a detour. About 16 countries on the way and roughly 7.500 km (one way) although it may and will change because detailed plan will be made on the fly. In the past, I couldn't stick to the plan, I had written down, even for one full day, so I'll just make vague predictions what I would want to see, experience and endure. In Romania I will touch the sea for the first time and from this moment onward it will feel like butter. With short bounces inland I'll try to keep close to the coastline, except in Italy, which will be croosed in a straight line.

    The Portugal itself ensures almost 4.000 km professionaly traced bike routes thanks to the work of Paulo Guerra dos Santos who has created the project called 'National Cycling Network'. Link below:

I've tried just a little portion of it before and it was much better prepared and more interesting than any other projects like this I've encountered so far.

What comes after reaching and biking through Portugal? I have absolutely no idea. 


- check email no more than once / twice a week

- learn to sleep all night on my back, without turning to the side

- ride 3,000 km a month

- ride 4,000 km a month

- encounter ice only in an ice-cold drinks (or ice baths)

- eat perfectly ripe fruit right from the tree / bush: orange, banana, lemon and others I don't even know exist

- finding some golden means, striking a balance in life (for example between working and relaxation)

- xoxxo xxo xoxxxx ox xxo Oxooxox (nn.nnn xx) ox nn xoxxxx

(this one is coded x - consonant, o - vowel, n-number)

- get drunk on the beach first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, hot day, cloudless sky, cold beer; later I have no idea...


- do the things I own give me more freedom or limit me?

- how much / little do I need to survive?

- do everyday duties limit my imagination and courage to do what I desire?

- what drives me more? The things I'm trying to reach or the ones I'm trying to run away from?

- how many people like me are out there?

- is religion a true thing or just a tool invented by people?

- ...