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When two years are turned upside down in a matter of hours...


3.905 km ridden in Sardegna, Sicily.
(40.076 km in total)


Two years of preparation and hard work.
Honestly, I was looking specifically for this.


    That's it. The biggest physical achievement for last year (and the whole trip) has been reached. The coded objective from the goal section of the website, after encoding is as follows:

"Cycle the length of the Equator (40.075 km) in 12 months"

With all the technical failures, weather changes, periodic declines in motivation, dangerous situations and accidents, I was able to finish two days before the set deadline. Why not continuing then? Weel, you can guess by looking at the pictures above.

Long story short. I've encountered one of so called "limiting factors", so incidents that can overwrite all of my previous goals, no matter how important they seemed to be.

They say that Sicily is beautiful, but my mind was occupied with someone else, so I cannot confirm completely. Definitely, it has a magical vibe, making people do things they wouldn't do otherwise. Take actions seemingly futile with more than good outcomes. I visited this place in 2011, returned in 2020 and hope to go back at least once in the future. Sicily remains along my top favourites.