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Catching up to where I've been. Now the autumn edition. At least, there should be no mosquitoes...


3.641 km ridden in Poland and Germany again. Netherlands, Belgium, France.
(18.835 km in total)


    Almost the same, but not really. I was able to implement all the improvements over the previous version. Most of the changes are hidden beneath the layers of bags and equipment, but should work well nevertheless. We'll see tomorrow.

    I came up with a new sentence. Riding in constant rain is: half the fun, twice the challenge.

     For 30 days so far, 25 was totally wet and rainy 3 were really cold and 2 were... not bad. Compare it to the time spent in Turkey and Greece (with 30 days straight without any rain) and you will understand what I mean.

    For all my life I had short hair, but especially for this trip, I bought a hairdryer (to dry my shoes) and it saved my health and morale more times than its worth in euros.

    Often I can see the sun for an hour or two and always, like a fool, I tell myself: "It will be better from now on." Fool indeed, because it takes the clouds about 30 minutes to come up from nowhere, cover the sky and show me how irrelevant my predictions are.

    But what about the road? Well, I promised myself to come back to Germany and I did, faster than anyone could predict. But I was a little bit disappointed. I cycled most of the way along standard traffic, bike lanes were not available or not interesting at all. But I trust in Germans, so I will leave it for further consideration. In positive / negative rating it is 1:1 for Germany.

   The  Netherlands and Belgium were surprisingly good, maybe because they were flat :)  Cyclist can always find his place there, prices are not bad, and people seem to live calm and happy life.

    Finally France. What can I say? Still the most expensive country on my way and still I don't see why.